art care

A trusted resource for the the presentation, preservation, and installation of artwork.

Our conversation starts with your artwork.

Whether its famous or your favorite, we provide archival materials and high-quality, experienced craftsmanship to complement and enhance your project.  Our experienced staff treats your artwork with careful attention to detail. 

Art invigorates corporate culture. 

We support corporate art collections by working with art consultants, architects and curators. Our expertise in commercial projects involves fine art in public and private spaces, and framed reproductions for a variety of settings. 

Art aids healing.

We work with hospitals and healthcare facilities by sourcing images that support a positive patient experience. When we are delivering artwork and installing in a health care setting, we are responsive to the needs of patients and staff while meeting construction timetables and budgets.

Art flourishes in our community.

Cleveland's art community is thriving and continually evolving. We are honored to work with individuals, students, artists, galleries, and institutions here and beyond in preparing work for presentation. We relish the creative challenge.